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Established 1882

Our Story


We love a good story and Shoots has many. We thought we’d share one courtesy of Dead Rabbit NYC as part of their list of ‘Great Irish Pubs’.


First of all, the name – what’s the story there?

“In the early part of the last century there was a bounty paid on crows, which were considered pests. However, it was only paid once a week, which didn’t always suit the local avian assassins. So an enterprising Sligo publican would accept the dead birds in lieu of payment in the pub, and then exchange them himself later for the cash.

Thus his pub became known as Shoot The Crows. And believe it or not, the name is the least unusual thing about this place. Its tiny space is filled with strange artefacts and local artworks, as well as paintings and illustrations from Celtic mythology (even on the windows). Oh yes, and the whole place sort of leans over to one side as well.

Music’s the thing here – four nights a week, everything from traditional Irish to bluegrass. You can expect an exceptionally fine pint, and there’s an impressive whiskey selection to tempt you as well.

Ronan Watters is one of that special breed who think of themselves as custodians rather than pub owners. Shoot The Crows has been here for nearly 150 years, he says, and if he has anything to do with it, it’ll be here for another 150. We’ll drink to that.” - Dead Rabbit NYC